The Islamic Historical Society and Research Institute of America is a Comprehensive Depository of Research and Information Relating to the Indigenous Muslim Community in the Americas. Our Scope is inclusive of North, Central and South American History.

THE iSLAMiC HiSTORiCAL SOCiETY AND RESEARCH INSTiTUTE OF AMERiCA ViSiON STATEMENT "We envision the Islamic Historical Society and Research Institute of America as an institution that provides a custodial repositorium of information, relating to the indigenous Muslims role and responsibility as an evolving community, in establishing Al-Islam as a way of life in the Americas. " ~~~~~~~

THE iSLAMiC HiSTORiCAL SOCiETY AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF AMERiCA MiSSiON STATEMENT "The Mission of IHSARI is to collect, preserve and maintain the historical and cultural data, media and artifacts of a people and a movement chronicling the development of Al-Islam in the Americas.”

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  • IHSOA Position on our Cultural-Philosophical-History

  • ·        The Islamic Historical Society of America (IHSOA) is an institution based in Atlanta, Georgia, that embodies a multitude of outreach social platforms designed to produce a positive, progressive and enlightening impact on humanity as seen through the eyes of both a people and a movement. IHSOA is organized for the purpose of helping us to write our own narrative, tell our own story and document our own history, from our own perspective. This will allow us to present our own viewpoint as a contribution to the broader human destiny. The groundwork for establishing the IHSOA, as an institution, is based in thirty (30) plus years of archived community information and media, developed by Atlanta based Taqwa Productions, in collaboration with a host of dedicated supporters and organizations.

    ·        As a newly formed not-for-profit organization, the mission of IHSOA is to serve as a repository and custodian of data, history, art and culture of a community of people within a social movement [The development of Al-Islam in the Americas]. As an institution, IHSOA will develop and produce with an emphasis, programs, media products and services that will preserve and provide invaluable insights, perspectives, encouragement and understanding (tafsir) of the leadership vision of Muslim American leader, Imam W. Deen Mohammed (ra). IHSOA will also work to establish collaborative relationships with students, devotees, scholars, followers, contemporaries and other similarly missioned organizations. IHSOA will be working to advance the vision and the destined inherited mission of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, as foretold by both, his father, The Honorable Elijah Muhammed (ra) and his fathers teacher, Master Teacher and Silk Peddler, Fard Muhammed (ra). In this work, we see Imam Mohammed as The Qadr of Allah. We recognize him as an embodiment of the aspirations of our ancestors manifested in an evolved collective intelligence that is historically and culturally based, with visionary philosophical wisdom that vastly transformed the lives of wanting human beings. His enlightening insights are denoted in his reforming linguistic scholarly position(s) and his invaluable insights and vital perspectives on the divine destiny for natural human life. He is renowned worldwide, as being a social, as well as a religious reviver. In his thirty-three year mission and leadership, Imam Mohammed, (ra) provided a fresh outlook from the teachings, lessons, prophetic traditions, scriptural interpretations and the Noble Qur’anic Wisdom. He taught extensively on the Christ nature as it applied to humanity. He shared his universal and local insights as they applied to the historic-philosophical-social situations, facing humanity today, particularly in the society of America. The linguistic ambience from his expanding community continues to grow and endows its adherents with his vision to remake the world based upon a new social model of human excellence, moral dignity and on evolving social global imperatives.

  • Insights & Perspectives Designed To Enlighten

    • The Global Africans and Geographical Migrations

    • Cultural Artifacts of African Americans

    • Institutional Foundations of African Americans

    • American - African Artforms

    • Social Cultivating Milestones of African Americans

    • Cultural Philosophical History of African Americans

    • African Artforms and Artifacts from Brazil to Canada

    • Evolution & Unfoldment of Cultural History

    • Dialects of Antagonisms, War and Dynamic His-Story

    • Classical Jazz Roots & Artspeech of African America

    • Highlighting Metaphors of Evolutionary History

    • Developmental Mindology of History

    • Africana Visual Artspeak

    • Africana Aesthetic Artspeak

    • The Psycho-logical Model for Human Development

    • Rediscovering Adam and the Crown of the Creation