FRIDAY: February 22, 2019, 4pm – 9pm 
Opening Ceremony – Hors d’oeuvres at will

3:45: African Drumming. Du’aa: Brother Daoud Shariff. Permission from Elders: Mary Salaam & Richard Nashid to Speak & Move Forward With IHSARI Conference

4:00: Moderator: Mary Salaam – Words of Welcome  – Tonight’s IHSARI Itinerary

4:15: Introduction of IHSARI BOA Chairman Hakim Yamini: Theme, Vision, Mission & Position Statements 

4:30: Sister Khalilah Rushdan: Introduce President Daoud Shariff: IHSARI BOD Milestone Report 

4:45: Imam Plemon El-Amin: On Theme “Preserving Our Own Precious History” 

5:00: Senator Donzella James: State of Georgia Senate – On Preserving Our Precious History

5:15: Brothers Drill Team – NOI Mosque #15: Introduced by Minister Abdul Sharrief

5:30: Youth, Sister Effat Iddeen: Passing The Torch -The Youth Obligation to Preserve Our Own Precious History

5:45: Brief history of Islam in Atlanta African American Community: Brothers John, Sabir Muhammad & Clark Muhammad

SATURDAY February 23, 2019 TIME:  10am – 10pm
(Coffee, Tea, Juice, Fruit, Pastries, Bread)

10:00:  African Drumming. Du’aa: Brother Abu Bakr Madyun. 
MODERATOR:  Sister Habibah Shakir -Welcome – Review Todays Itinerary

10:15: Imam Wazir Ali:  Preserving Our Own Precious History 

10:45:  State Senator Donzella James: Proclamation

11:00:  Brother Wali Akbar Muhammed: The Importance of Preserving Our Communities History

11:30:  Brother A.K. Sabir:  The History and Vision of Local Muslim Businesses

12:00: Break/Salatal Dhur/Vendors

12:30:  Workshop: Sister Jamillah A. Shakir: Dynamic/Active Session on “How to Write/Record Your Own History”  

13:15:  Sister Principal Dr. Qur’an Shakir:  The Legacy of the Honorable Sister Clara Muhammad Schools/University of Islam

13:45: Sister Jannah Bayyan: My Brown Face is Beautiful: Regarding Our Children

14:15:  Imam Amin Nathari: The State of Islam in Black America: Examining the Past, Assessing the Present, Looking Towards the Future 

14:45:  Break/Salalatal ‘Asr/Vendors 

15:15:  Minister Akbar Muhammad: Ghana/Atlanta –  Establishing West African Islamic Connections       

15:45:  Minister Carlos Muhammed (Baltimore): – On Preserving Our Own Precious History

16:45:  Imam Rashad Abdul Rahman: Preserving the legacy of our Predecessors

17:15:  Break/Salatal Magrib/Vendors

17:45:  Brother Shareef Abdul :We Buy Black” 

18:15:  Dynamic Panel Discussion Exchange: All Presenters

18:45:  Break/Salatal Isha’a/Vendors

19:15:  Attorney Ahmed Mitchell: On CAIR

19:30:  NABAA President/Invest Atlanta: Lonnie Saboor: Continued Economic Growth in Our Legacy

19:45: Dinner Buffet Fund Raiser at Community Café

Entertainment: Brothers Dawood Abdullah (Uncle Woo) & Brother Ralim

Daily Closing Du’aa: Imam Amin Nathari

Saturday Evening Dinner Buffet – Fund Raising Program at The Community Café’ 7-9pm

African Drumming: Zafir Al-Uqdah, Hakim Ali & Others. 

M/C: Imam Amin Nathari 

Opening Du’aa: Surat Al-Fatiha

Scriptural Reading and Comments: Sister Sharif-Hamed

Permission from our Elder to Speak – Brother Richard Nashid 

Pioneer – Theme: Preserving Our Own Precious History TBD

Dinner Buffet

Vocalists: Sister Lancy Shakir & Lateefa Ali W/Brother Hakim Anderson on Sound: African American National Anthem 

Speaker Ajieb Bilal TBD

Speaker Sister Farida Pasha TBD

Speaker Imam Bashir (Brooklyn)

IHSARI Conference Review and Weekend Activity – Imam Amin Nathari

Speaker Minister Abdul Sharrief Muhammad:Mosque #15 Atlanta

Speaker Sister Principal/Captain Safiyyah Shahid TBD

Speaker Imam from Masjid An-Nur

Spoken Word: Lateefa Ali w/Brother Hakim Anderson on Sound

Fund Raising: Imam Amin Nathari 

Closing Remarks Imam Rashad Abdur Rahman (Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam)

Du’aa: Imam Rashad Abdur Rahman 

Cultural Entertainment: Uncle Woo/D.J. Ralim Houdini

Conscious Rap Artist, Shaheed Tawheed

SUNDAY February 24, 2019 -TIME:  10am –10pm
(Coffee, Tea, Juice, Fruit, Pastries, Bread)

10:00:  African Drumming. Du’aa: Hassan Shakir.

MODERATOR:  Sister Opal Muhammad – Welcome – Review Itinerary

10:15:  Brother Lawrence Shamsiddeen:  Preserving Our Own Precious History 

10:45:  Imam Dawud Salaam (& Sister Inez Shahid): The History of Islam in West Coast America 

11:15: Imam Nashid Abdul Khaaliq: (Masjid An-Nur) “Preserving Our Own Precious History”

Sister Khalilah Rushdan: The Role of the Women in the Evolution of Our Community/Guests

11:30:  Sisters Drill Team: Muhammads Mosque #15: Minister Abdul Sharrief

11:45:  Workshop: Sisters Deborah & Kairia Shariff: Documentary Filming & Screen Play Writing

12:45:  Break/Salatal Thehur/Vendors

13:45:  Brother Aazim Shariff: Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Islam and Identity (President, KMT Media Group/African-Centered Researcher)

14:30:  Minister Carlos Muhammad: Preserving Our Own Precious History 

15:00: Minister Akbar Muhammad: International Trade in Ghana and Beyond 

15:45:  Brother Rasin Ganga: Haitian Interpreter: Preserving Our Own Precious History – Haiti 

16:00:  Break/Salalatal ‘Asr/Vendors

16:30:  Royal Bayyan (Kool & The Gang): The Art, Science and Culture Benefits  of Music in our Community History 

17:00:  Sister Akanke Rasheed – Abdul Khaaliq: Miracle In America 

17:30:  Jannah Bayyan: Polygyny: A Woman’s Guide to Coping in a Non-Traditional Marriage: Real Talk

18:00:  Break/Salatal Magrib/Vendors 

18:30:  Panel Discussion Exchange: All Presenters

19:00:  Imam Nadim Ali (West End Atlanta Community Mosque): Preserving Our Own Precious History

19:30: Brother Jermaine Shareef: Youth on Preserving Our Own Precious History

19:45:  Break/Salatal Isha’a/Vendors

20:15:  Imam Mansoor Sabree: IMAN Social Justice in the Inner City

20:45: Daily Closing Du’aa – Imam Mansoor Sabree

INTERNET (WEBCAST) MONDAY  February 25, 2019 
TIME:  10am – 10pm

10:00:  African Drumming. Du’aa: Hassan Shakir. Surat Al-Fatiha.

MODERATOR:  Brother Hassan & Sister Habibah Shakir – Welcome – Review Vision, Mission, Theme & Itinerary

Cultural Music Renditions: Uncle Woo & Ralim

10:15:  8 Centuries of Muslims 1:48 minutes/Baital-Cal. 

12:15:  Break/Salatal Thehur/Listener Call Ins/Comments

Preserving Our Own Precious History – A Session

12:30:  Hidden Colors I

13:30: Hidden Colors-I (Continued)

14:15:  Listener Call In’s – Inter-Jazz   

Preserving Our Own Precious History – B Session

14:30: Hidden Colors II   

15:30:  Hidden Colors (Continued)

16:15 – Break/Salalatal ‘Asr/Listener Call Ins/Comments

Preserving Our Own Precious History – C Session

16:30 – Hidden Colors III

17:30   Hidden Colors-III (Continued)

18:15   Break/Salatal Magrib/Listener Call Ins/Comments

Preserving Our Own Precious History

18:30   Lost – Found 1:42 Minutes Brother Nasir Shareef

20:15   Break/Salatal Isha’a/Listener Call Ins

Preserving Our Own Precious History – D Session

20:30      Hidden Colors IV 

21:30       Hidden Colors-IV (Continued)

21:45   Listener Call Ins/Comments

22:00   Closing Du’aa: Hassan Shakir- Suratal ‘Asr.

PIONEER DAY/SYMPOSIUM @ Mohammed Schools – TUESDAY, February 26, 2019 – TIME:  12pm  –  4pm

African Drumming. Facilitator:  Brother Hassan Shakir

Opening Du’aa: Hassan Shakir-Surat Al-Fatiha

1.)        Mohammed Schools

2.)        Youth Symposium Dynamic Panel Discussion-Hajjah Habibah Shakir

3.)        Pioneer Symposium Dynamic Panel Discussion-Hajjah Habibah Shakir

4.)        Youth & Pioneer Interactive Dynamic Service 

5.)        Questions, Answers & Interviews with both panels and attendees:  Facilitator: Hajjah Habibah Shakir 

6.)        Closing Du’aa: Hassan Shakir – Suratal ‘Asr